Terms and Conditions:

I. Image Resolution

  •  Photo general requirements 72dpi.

II. Size

  • All texts must be outlined.
  • Artwork should be created in actual size. (1:1 scale).
  • Die-cut: 10mm bleeding area is required.(Please submit the artwork files in AI format with a independent layer for Die-cut line.)
  • Double-sided Printing: 10mm bleeding area is required.
  • Canvas Frame: 100mm bleeding area is required.
  • The general situation is to leave the net screen edge 100mm.

III. Color Specification

  • All artwork must set to CMYK mode 

IV. Black color of the image requires

Please set the following CMYK value for black area for solid black effect. (C: 50%, M: 50%, Y: 50%, K: 100%)

Terms and Conditions:

  1. All amendments of design should be confirmed via emails; verbal confirmations of amendments are not accepted. 
  2. All design fees are not refundable no matter Customers adopt our design proposal or not in the end.
  3. Output color is subject to our color standard. If customers are strict accuracy requirements to color, please place a test print order from us. Each test print is valid for 3 working days. Please return the test print and confirm us within the set period.
  4. All productions of digital printing are processed with computerized die-cut machines, which may cause an error of 2mm to 5mm to the finish size. For perfect die-cutting, please provide Adobe Illustrator (AI) artwork file with proper bleeding and die-cut line.
  5. Customers can agree with us and how many space are left for eyelets. The price is calculated per square meter (SQM), so the screen size is in millimeter (MM). 
  6. If the artwork file contains QR code or Barcode, we cannot guarantee it can be read normally.
  7. The artworks are set in inappropriate color mode, we will convert to CMYK mode without prior notice and we will not reprint or refund due to any color differences.
  8. Scaled artwork must fulfill the finish proportion of the ordered product.
  9. In Adobe Illustrator, you can transfer files to JPG, in File → Transfer → Archive Type: select .jpg file, then select color mode or CMYK, resolution is 150dpi, quality can be “8” or above.
  10. The order cut-off time is 5:00pm from Monday to Friday and delivery after 2-3 working days. Exhibition services must be confirmed 5 days in advance.
  11. An extra charge of HK$100 or 50% of the total bill for urgent delivery, whichever is higher. (1 working day)
  12. Use of appropriate formats and application : Support software :  Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop
                                                                                         Support format    :  .pdf/.jpg/.tiff/.ai/.psd/.eps
  13. In case of any dispute under any circumstances, Print Square Limited reserves the right of final decision.